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Past Featured Author

DC Stanfa

Cincinnati, Ohio USA

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Most Memorable Moment

Too many to choose from, so I will give you one, but will default to the 282 pages from my book for some other really good ones. It was the the Bobby Sherman concert I went to when I was in the sixth grade. I screamed like a little girl (which I was) and cried in a fit of love, from the back row. Memories of first crushes fade like vintage denim, and get more beautiful along the way. "Julie, Julie, Julie do ya love me?"

Most Embarrassing Moment

Most people that know me will tell you that I don't know the meaning of the word embarrassment (for myself), but that I am the queen of embarrassing them. Luckily, for me, when that happens I am usually drunk and don't remember the moment. Except, once, when my mom hired a stripper for my 40th birthday party. He looked like Meatloaf's uglier brother. He stripped down to a thong and made me spank him, repeatedly. There is a picture of him on my website, not the spanking ('cause that costs extra). My mother actually asked his agency for her money back.

Advice To Other Authors

Marry well, or divorce well. I did not do either. You should be prepared to spend more on your career than what you will ever make. Here's a secret: You get published like you win the lottery, and I'm not just talking about the odds. It is a random process, and you have no control, no matter how much you invest. Coat your skin with olive oil, so that the rejections slide off—and don't penetrate your feeble heart, or sensitive soul. And, after you do win the publishing lottery, you'll find that the real bitch is distribution.

Okay, I sent the cynic to bed. Just keep on writing and believing. And, buy yourself some fairy dust on ebay.

And More

My beliefs: I believe that Kevin Costner gave the best speech about beliefs, in the movie Bull Durham. I also believe that I should have seen more socially important films.

I am convinced that the Devil is in the details. Therefore, I pay absolutely no attention to details.

I believe that I am only 20 pounds, 20 years, and 20 thousand dollars worth of plastic surgery away from being a super model.

I believe that goodness will surely overcome evil. But, I suggest we find really good hiding places, just in case.

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